The Best Way to Sell an Amazon FBA Business

The Best Way to Sell an FBA Business

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How it works


Exit Planning Consultation

The FBA Private Market Process begins with a free 30 minute exit planning consultation and business valuation.


We Prepare & Market Your Deal

Our expert team prepares your financials and creates a world class deal marketing package.


Buyers Compete
For Your Deal

We fully manage a 2 round competitive offer and negotiation process where buyers must compete for your deal.

No Broker Commision or Fees of Any Kind for Sellers

FBA Private Market charges buyers a “success fee” if they successfully close a transaction on the platform.

There is no other fee or cost for either party.

When you sell your business on FBA Private Market you keep the entire purchase price. 

Questions And Answers

FBA Private Market is a marketplace platform focused exclusively on Amazon FBA business acquisitions.


We are unique because we run a competitive bidding process among vetted buyers for your deal.

We also don’t charge sellers any fees of any kind.

  • Largest Source of Exclusive, High Quality Deal Flow. We get the best deals because sellers know we’re the best at selling them. Our process ensures they will receive a fair market deal without a broker commission.
  • Robust Listing Data Directly from the Amazon Account. We know what data buyers need and our expert team pulls it directly from the seller’s Amazon account (along with other sources). This saves you tons of time and energy in due diligence and lets you move quicker.
  • Professional M&A Process. We use established mergers and acquisitions processes to ensure professionalism, efficiency and fairness in our deals.
  • Only pay for closed deals. No retainers or subscription fees. We charge only a success fee when a deal successfully closes.
  • Get a fair market deal without a broker commission. Our expert team creates your deal listing, generates competition among professional buyers on our platform (private investors, PE firms and aggregators) and obtains multiple qualified offers for your Amazon FBA business.
  • We do all the work for you. This is not a DIY platform. Our team works with you to build an excellent listing for your business. Even long before selling the listing will become a valuable resource showing you where your business stands on the metrics that matter to buyers (and where you could improve). When the time is right to sell you have a well crafted and optimized listing ready to go.
  • No broker commissions or fees for sellers. On FBA Private Market the buyers pay.
  • Competitive bidding from multiple buyers = better offers for sellers. Our curated list of well-funded, professional buyers are willing to compete for your deal. All buyers must demonstrate proof of funding and a successful acquisition track record before joining FBA Private Market.
  • Standardized deal terms makes comparing offers easy. All buyers use the same standardized terms to protect against unfavorable terms and make it easy to see who is truly offering the best deal. 
  • No Obligation. You can say “no” to any and all offers.

FBA Private Market works on a simple fee structure: Sellers pay nothing, and buyers pay a referral fee on deals that close.  There are no other fees of any kind.  This greatly reduces total transaction costs.

We interview every buyer on the platform to ensure offers are only coming from serious buyers who can close the deal.  At a minimum we require a track record of successful acquisitions and proof of funds.

We list Amazon FBA businesses with over $300,000 in seller’s discretionary earnings.

Generally, Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (“SDE”) is a calculation of the total financial benefit that a single full time owner-operator would derive from a business on an annual basis.

Yes.  You will work with our expert team every step of the way, from preparing your financials to managin the offer and negotiation process.

Yes.  Every listing on FBA Private Market is exclusive at the time of sale.  However, after offers are received sellers are free to reject all offers and list their business elsewhere.