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Billy Evans

Bill Evans


Bill is the creator of FBA Private Market. He is a former corporate M&A attorney with expertise in eCommerce & Saas transactions. He has also been a 7-figure Amazon FBA seller since 2016.

Vision &

The market for Amazon FBA businesses is exploding. Investors are beginning to recognize the full value of FBA businesses as next generation businesses.

FBA Private Market is the largest marketplace for Amazon FBA businesses. Vetted buyers connect with vetted sellers to negotiate deals more efficiently and with better outcomes for all parties.







The only dedicated marketplace for Amazon FBA business acquisitions.

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Questions And Answers

FBA Private Market is a specialized markeplace focused only on Amazon FBA Business acquisition transactions. We connect buyers and sellers in this market.

FBA Private Market solves key problems for buyers:

  • Dealflow: We are the single largest source of private FBA deals.
  • Pre-vetting: We save buyers time by only listing viable businesses that are looking to be acquired.
  • Robust FBA account data.  We provide data directly from the business owners FBA account.  This makes initial due diligence much easier and faster.

FBA Private Market is a superior choice for sellers when compared to using a traditional business broker or dealing directly with a buyer.  Here’s why:

  • No broker commission or fees of any kind for sellers (Buyers pay)
  • Multiple buyers = better offer price and deal terms
  • No obligation to accept any offer
  • Fastest path to executed Letter of Intent
  • Dedicated Listing Manager provided for free

FBA Private Market works on a simple fee structure: Sellers pay nothing, and buyers pay a “success fee” on deals that close.  There are no other fees of any kind.  This greatly reduces total transaction costs which puts more money in both sellers and buyers pockets.

We interview every buyer on the platform to ensure offers are only coming from serious buyers who can close the deal.  In general we like to see a track record of successful acquisitions and proof of funds.

We list Amazon FBA businesses with over $300,000 in annual profit.

Yes.  Every listing includes a Dedicated Listing Manager who will help collect your business information and prepare your listing on FBA Private Market.

Yes.  Every listing on FBA Private Market is exclusive to us.  However, after offers are received sellers are free to reject all offers and list their business elsewhere.